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Madelyne Cabico, Creative Director

Madelyne initially joined Legit Sport Stats as a sports statistician. As a full-time college student, she worked remotely and agreed to completing some administrative tasks. For example, she worked within human resources by browsing through resumes, scheduling interviews, hiring new sports statisticians and coordinating training. However, the hard work and dedication did not stop there. Madelyne believed that she was capable of redesigning the company’s website and was successful in doing so. Once the website was essentially recreated, she was promoted from being a sports statistician to the Creative Director of Legit Sport Stats.


Madelyne aspires to be an Executive Athletic Director of a public or private school system one day. She hopes to positively impact the lives of student-athletes and support them in their athletic and academic goals. She wishes to be a role model for girls of color that are interested in pursuing a career in the sports world.


Upon her arrival at Bucknell University, Madelyne was awarded a full-tuition scholarship for leadership from the Posse Foundation and was selected as First-Team All-City for basketball during my senior year. She interned at the Media Relations Department at Howard University Athletics for two years. She also completed an internship at the Kenner League, a Nike ProCity league in Washington, D.C., as a social media intern during the summer of 2017. Throughout both of these experiences, Madelyne was able to attain more knowledge of the sports industry. Last summer, she also coached baseball and softball at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. From this, she was able to interact with student-athletes on a more personal level.


Now that she is the Creative Director at Legit Stats, Madelyne hopes to accomplish various goals. First, she hopes to increase sales by implementing marketing strategies. These marketing strategies include promotional videos, social media posts, etc. Secondly, she wishes that Legit Stats expands to other metropolitan areas across the nation and will aid to ensure this expansion occurs. There are various cities in the United States in need of sports statistics and analytics to enhance the experiences of athletes and coaches. Thirdly, Madelyne wants to provide statistics and analytics, specifically to advance student-athletes’ academic and athletic careers and make it normal to have statistical services at the interscholastic level. She believes that student-athletes should be exposed to statistics and analytics, so players can track their growth over the years. Lastly, she hopes to assist those seeking careers in the sports industry by providing entry-level positions and networking. From her experience, it is extremely difficult to find entry-level positions within the sports industry and Madelyne is a resource for young people that want to pursue a career in the sports world.

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