Legit Stats Packet

Designed to be a detailed statistical analysis that will aid any coaching staff's recruiting efforts, our Legit Stats Packet gives an enhanced glimpse of every player's individual performance. Event highs, leaders, box scores & individual player analytics are included to provide an overview of an entire event. Searchable player charts and comparable data graphs are available for coaches to compare prospects. Our data analysts feel that these numbers provide supplemental information for coaches that were unable to attend an event or only received roster information.

For more information or custom inquiries please contact Lead Data Analyst, Frank Coppola.

College Coaches Packets

Bronze - $150 (Sample)

Our Bronze Legit Stats packet gives recruiters a detailed glimpse of all player production at every event we cover. In addition to event stats and analytics, we also include individual player reports for the top five players in player efficiency rating during the event. 

Silver - $200 (Sample)

The Silver Legit Stats packets combine our classic comprehensive event pdf with a search player option that allows coaches to go through and search all individual players from each event by name or ranking.

Gold - $225 (Sample)

Designed to be the most detailed resource for college recruiting efforts. Gold packets allow you to compare multiple prospects using our individual player charts and data graphs.

Individual Player Packets


Our individual player packets were created for any player looking to increase their exposure. The customized player performance packet will feature the player's Legit Stats, all game stats, & total event Stats event stats while highlighting the athlete's inclusion on all leader boards. This is great info to send out to college coaches to enhance your chances at landing a scholarship!

Custom Legit Stats packet - $225 (Sample)